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Aerospace and Defense
Besides the F-16 fighter jets, Gillinder supplies glass components for the C-17 Globemasters, the Black Hawk helicopters, plus commercial and pleasure aircraft.

Gillinder Glass provides a major engineering resource to commercial, military, and private aircraft manufacturers, distributors and lighting fixture OEMs in North America and Europe.

In addition to more standard products, the Gillinder Glass engineering team has developed a proprietary Thin–Wall Lens. Developed principally for military projects for improved flight performance, the process is now being marketed to the entire aerospace industry where weight reduction can be a key ingredient to success. Gillinder Glass’ specially formulated soda lime and borosilicate compositions with increased working times combined with advanced pressing technology and skilled craftsman can achieve 20% to 50% thinner wall thickness (as thin as 1 mm) while maintaining mechanical and thermal integrity.

Until this technological breakthrough, pressed glass shapes this thin could not be made.  Glass this thin could only be reached on flat filters through grinding and polishing or through phosphate-based molded parts not suitable to exterior environments.  While we have seen our thin-walled pressed shapes satisfy many cockpit applications, we believe offering both thin-walled borosilicate and soda-lime compositions acceptable for use in exterior applications will now permit our customers to meet their weight reduction goals.

Gillinder Glass supplies a broad spectrum of products and extensive capabilities for the general and commercial aircraft of today and tomorrow as well as special products for the United States military and defense industry. All military items are manufactured to meet the rigid military specifications and can be cross referenced to the National Stock Number (NSN), Military Standard (MS) or Army Number (AN) identifiers. Products and capabilities include:

  • Weight Optimization incorporating Thin-Wall Lenses
  • NVIS Compatible Products 
  • Light transmission and defusing of xenon flash tubes and incandescent lamps
  • Navigation and Position Lights 
  • Cargo Bay Lighting
  • Light transmission properties, smoothing and CRI Improvement LEDs and LED arrays
  • SAE AR 5869 compliance
  • Mechanical Strength and Impact Resistance
  • Aerodynamic Contouring
  • Thermal Durability
  • Landing Lights
  • Photometric Performance and Light Distribution 
  • Crew Station Illumination
  • Fluid Level Indicators
  • Anti-Collision Lights
  • IR Search and Headlight
  • Covert Lighting
  • Payload Delivery Systems 
  • NVG Friendly Filtering
  • Identification of both critical and cost-savings tolerances

  • Gillinder Glass components are engineered to the most stringent specifications to protect our armed services, their technology and their personnel, both today and tomorrow.

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