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Gillinder Glass uses modern mixing equipment and techniques to create each batch of glass. Batches are created from proprietary formulas designed to create the glass components necessary to fulfill the customers’ needs. The mixer is the same as those used in the pharmaceutical industry and is designed to ensure homogeneity and consistency of composition, quality, strength, color, and resistance to heat or impact.

All of our furnaces (day tanks and closed pots) are computer controlled and monitored to maintain precise temperatures, repeatability, and the highest quality level. Presses also employ computer technology to ensure consistent control of pressure and time of the press.

Glass pan being placed in annealing lehr
Glass on annealing lehr

After forming, every piece of glass is placed in a 10 foot wide annealing lehr and over the next 2+/- hours it travels over 75 feet through seven computer controlled convection heated zones. By using convection heat (as opposed to radiant), controlling belt speed, and employing our proprietary combination of settings for the multiple zones far more internal stress is relieved than by using other methods. This results in a stronger, more impact resistant product for our customers.

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