Gillinder has over 200 open molds, but our in-house mold shop creates custom molds as well. Gillinder Glass utilizes a range of manual and automated glass molding production processes that allow us precise control to match almost any dimensional and technical specification a product may need.


Gillinder is quickly expanding its product lines for its B2C customers. Find out more about our partnerships below.

Whisker Logo
As the leading innovator in pet tech and refined pet accessories, Whisker works tirelessly to solve problems and deliver smarter insights for pet parents while enriching the lives of pets. They strive to deliver better solutions for consumers, transforming pet care along the way.

Gillinder Glass partnered with Whisker to create a glass bowl upgrade for their pet Feeder Robot.
PawNosh Logo
Seller of high end pet bowls, PawwNosh, has recently teamed up with Gillinder Glass to produce its glass cat and dog food bowls.

Offered in three sizes and in three colors: aqua, tangerine, and celery.
In 2018, the Fox N Hare, a local brewery, teamed up with Gillinder Glass to create custom glass coasters. 
Butter Pat Industries, designer of durable, lightweight, cast iron cookware, is a design-oriented manufacturer of cast iron cookware that believes beauty can still be part of utility. 

Quality glass is essential to high temperature cooking and Gillinder supplies Butter Pat Industries with their 10” and 12” lids in clear, and an 8” lid that has an orange tint.