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Plane landing on runway at dusk

Gillinder Glass is the world leader in providing precision molded and fabricated glass innovation to the airfield lighting industry, carrying the largest array of open mold and custom/proprietary products for meeting military, FAA and ICAO specifications.  
Applications include:

  • Helipad Lighting

  • High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL)

  • Medium Intensity Runway/Taxiway Lights

  • General Aviation Low Intensity Lights

  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)

  • Inset Prisms & Optics

  • Obstruction/Tower Lighting

  • LED-compatible Colored Filters and Covers

  • Dichroic and absorption filters

We have developed a complete line of airfield glass lenses, runway glass lights, prisms and other products. Our products are used with white or colored LEDs to meet EB67D and we continue to work with new light sources to provide the most innovative solutions to the builders of tomorrow’s airfield infrastructure.

Gillinder products are designed to meet physical durability standards including abrasion resistance, UV protection, thermal shock resistance and impact resistance. Our open stock features hundreds of products including glass lenses, lights, domes, globes, and irregular shaped light covers. You can order from our open stock catalog or get custom engineered lenses.

Our engineering team specializes in providing innovative pressed and molded glass for airfield and runway lighting solutions using the most up-to-date technology for your lighting products. Check out our catalog or fill out our custom request form today to make sure your airfield meets specifications and air traffic keeps flowing.

Gillinder Part #6565 in Highway Yellow_e
Various colored glass domes
Gillinder Part #6625 in Highway Yellow
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