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Oil rig on water lit up at night

Gillinder Glass supplies the Industrial marketplace with a broad variety of glass products manufactured to the most rigid specifications to meet the tough demands of the industrial work environment. Many of our glass components are available to everyone as open mold, off-the-shelf items. We also produce a myriad of proprietary items in this range for specific customer requirements and use.

Typical applications for these products include:

  • Glass to meet Vapor Proof Requirements

  • Glass Domes and Lenses for Signal Lighting

  • Tempered Glass Products for Harsh Environments

  • Mining

  • Glass covers for Hazardous Locations

  • Glass Indicator Light Covers

  • Glass Lenses and Covers for Refinery Lighting

  • Manufacturing & Warehouse Lighting

  • Power Station Lighting

  • Utility Meter Covers

  • Hazard/Warning Lighting

  • Bridge & Tunnel Lighting

  • Explosion Resistant Glass Covers and Domes

  • Flameproof Glass Products

  • Security Lighting

  • Industrial Sight Glass & Sight Gauges

  • Glass used for Marine & Railway Signaling

Gillinder Glass employs a number of proprietary techniques to create DOD, UL 844 and UL 595 compliant industrial grade fixtures using:

  • Heat Treating for Increased Strength

  • Tempering for Enhanced Impact Resistance

  • Multiple Heat Treatments to Perfect Color

  • Tempering for Increased Endurance to Thermal Shock

  • Finishing Operations for Masks and Skid Resistance

  • Advance Quality Control Procedures Adherence to Tight Tolerances

  • Scientifically Designed Prisms for Controlled Light Distribution

Various industrial globes
Clear UV light
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