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Gillinder Glass maintains a fully equipped in-house mold and design shop. From start to end of life, our customers' molds are made in house, housed in a special atmospherically controlled storage area, and maintained in pristine condition after each use to ensure consistent production of the highest quality glass. Not only do our customers benefit from the quality resulting from the creation and ongoing care of their molds, they also benefit from the in-house expertise available to assist their R & D and Product Development staff in designing superior quality parts that can be produced in the most economical fashion which produces value and competitive advantage.

Glass mold being repaired
Mold shop equipment

In addition to being prepared to work in almost all current software systems for our customers benefit, the mold shop is equipped with:

  • Fadal Computer Controlled Vertical Milling Center 3016L

  • Computer Controlled Bridgeport Horizontal Lathe

  • Bridgeport Series 2 Vertical Milling Machine

  • LeBlond Horizontal Lathe

  • TUR 63 Lathe

  • Welding and Braising Shop (including gas spray welding)

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