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Gillinder's experienced team of engineers and craftsmen will provide you with technical design support for prototype development, short runs, or full scale production of specialty glass types. Business Development Engineers and Customer Service personnel will guide you and keep you informed through each step in the process

We work closely with your team to make tooling and glassware to your specifications in the most cost-effective manner possible. Pre-production samples can be provided for approval before final production begins. 

Types of Glass:

Gillinder Glass regularly manufactures the compositions referenced below to industry and regulatory standards, including but not limited to: FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), MIL (Military), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), IMCO (Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization), AAR (American Association of Railroads), UL (Underwriters Laboratories – electrical products), and ITE (Institute of Traffic Engineers) standards or to particular customer directives.

Compositions include: clear soda lime, borosilicate, UV absorbing (visible transmitting), UV transmitting (visible absorbing), clear UV, FAA and ICAO colors, band pass, and long pass.

Gillinder coaster mold being created

Gillinder uses proprietary formulas and modern mixing equipment to create each batch of glass. Our furnaces are computer controlled and monitored to maintain precise temperatures and ensure repeat-ability. After forming, each piece of glass is placed in a 10' wide computer controlled annealing lehr.

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Green glass globe being cut

Gillinder Glass maintains a fully equipped in-house mold and design shop. Our mold shop is available to do welding repairs, custom molds, fixtures, and even refurbish existing molds. Our mold shop is capable of prototyping, welding, machine work, programing, and more.

More about our Mold Shop

Glass mold pressing glass

Gillinder has the capability to create intricate designs as small as 1" in diameter. Utilizing multiple furnaces allows us to do runs as small as fifty pieces. We utilize a range of manual and automated glass molding processes that allow us precise control to match almost any dimensional and technical specification.

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Glass being placed in annealing lehr

Gillinder maintains a fully equipped quality control lab to evaluate light transmission, light dispersion characteristics, chromaticity, and more. We check our molds prior to each use as well as performing quality checks on all products after being pressed, after annealing, and after finishing. Gillinder is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

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Glass domes being inspected

Our in house finishing department allows us to carefully control quality at all stages of production. 

Our finishing capabilities include: sandblasting, grinding, striking, and cutting. We can also test for thermal shock resistance, impact resistance, and fine tune colors.

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Various globes on lehr

Gillinder uses two computer controlled Lehrs for the tempering (strengthening) process. We have the knowledge to temper symmetric or complex shapes with a process conducive to repeatability so every item passes a thorough inspection process.

More about Tempering

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