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R & D, Tech, & Quality Control


The Gillinder family of employees is committed to meeting our customers' expectations in regards to the quality of our products, the timeliness of delivery and the services we provide. We strive to continually improve our Quality Management System by empowering our employees. We recognize that our success relies on a commitment to satisfy each customers' unique requirements. 

Each employee is, by this policy, a champion of the customer, a steward of our business and the link to all facets of customer satisfaction.

Quality control inpection


Gillinder Glass maintains a fully equipped R & D, Technology and Quality Control Lab to evaluate our customers’ product light transmission, light dispersion characteristics, and chromaticity. This is yet another value Gillinder Glass customers receive in the designing new products, evaluating their current fixtures with different types of lamps, and an assurance that they will always receive the consistently high quality products they deserve and expect. In addition to custom designed gauges to ensure adherence to all critical tolerances, the lab equipment includes:

  • Dilatometer to determine the physical properties of glass

  • Multiple Polariscopes to examine strain in glass and correspondingly strength after anneal or tempering operations

  • Refractometer to measure and identify the refraction index

  • Focalmeter to identify focal point of a lens Spectrophotometer to measure chromaticity (color) in flat glass

  • Spectroradiometer to measure chromaticity (color) and intensity in shaped glass

  • Goniometer to position and measure intensity and color at any position around the product

Glass molding parts
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