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Gillinder Glass has been a world leader in the manufacture of technical pressed and molded glass for more than one hundred and sixty years.


We have the capability to press and mold components as small as <1" in diameter. Our molded glass manufacturing process allows us to efficiently manufacture a multitude of glass shapes with complex designs and prismatic patterns with run sizes ranging from 50 pieces to 120,000 pieces annually. 

Gillinder Glass utilizes a range of manual and automated glass molding production processes that allow us precise control to match almost any dimensional and technical specification that will be applicable to a certain component. 

Glass pan being pressed
Glass dome being pressed

Molded glass components we currently manufacture are trusted in almost any conceivable application, ranging from wingtips of fighter jets and harsh and hazardous location fixtures on all seven continents (think offshore oil rigs and airfields), to underwater and marine lighting fixtures, food storage and prominent art installations.

Today, we utilize multiple furnaces for rapid turnaround on part runs and color composition melts. This allows us to reduce lead times and manufacture in smaller runs when required. 

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