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Night vision glass showing an industrial area

Gillinder’s broad range of monolithic glass NVIS filters are in compliance with U.S. military specifications MIL-STD-3009, MIL-L-85762A, and humidity resistivity test of MIL-STD-810E. Each composition offers color consistency, high transmission, low NVIS radiance, excellent internal quality, and third-party certified environmental durability. We have engineered our product line to provide a superior filter product with consistent and uniform spectral properties.


Gillinder’s complete listing of NVIS products for aircraft interior and exterior lighting includes:

  • Secure Blue-Green

  • NVIS Green A

  • NVIS Green A (Intruder)

  • NVIS Green B

  • NVIS Yellow B

  • NVIS Friendly compositions

  • Covert (IR Transmitting) glass

The Gillinder team can also meet the challenges associated with the adoption of light emitting diode (LED) technology and customization for unique aerospace applications. Gillinder can modify or develop NVIS glass colors to accommodate various lamp sources and/or optimize specific factors of particular importance to our customers. We offer comprehensive glass solutions — from design and glass formulation through manufacture.


Our technical team, consisting of glass scientists and optical engineers, is available and prepared to meet the most difficult challenges:

  • Standard blank forms are 6.5” square with a 6.0” square of guaranteed usable area. Thicknesses start at .275” (7mm).

  • Finished parts can be provided as flat filters, polished and/or diffused and cut to size for a particular application.

  • Our NVIS compatible glass is easier and faster to machine work, which reduces customer finishing times and promotes generally higher yields.

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