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Gillinder Glass regularly manufactures the compositions referenced below to industry and regulatory standards, including but not limited to: FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), MIL (Military), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), IMCO (Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization), AAR (American Association of Railroads), UL (Underwriters Laboratories – electrical products), and ITE (Institute of Traffic Engineers) standards or to particular customer directives.

NVIS glass being poured
Green and red glass globes

Compositions include:

  • Clear Soda Lime

  • UV Absorbing, Visible Transmitting

  • Clear Borosilicate

  • UV Transmitting, Visible Absorbing

  • Clear UV

  • Custom Colors and Compositions

  • FAA and ICAO Colors

  • Band Pass

  • Long Pass

Some colors examples include (custom colors available as well):

  • Opolo

  • Highway Yellow

  • Amber

  • Red AA

  • Red C

  • Lox Green

  • Aviation Green

  • LED Blue

  • Aviation Blue

  • HR ICAO Blue

  • True Black

Color examples, lavendar, lox green, amber, red AA
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