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Theater light

Gillinder Glass manufactures a variety of theatrical lighting glass lenses and covers from under 3 inches to 14 inches in diameter in both custom/proprietary and open mold designs for the television/motion picture, stage, theatrical, accent, and other similar lighting applications.

Shapes include:

  • Flat and Convex Covers

  • Fresnel Lenses

  • Spread Lenses

  • PAR Lenses

  • Diffusers

  • CRI Improvement

  • Optics

  • Barn-Door Optics

These applications require controlled beam patterns, thermal and physical shock resistance as well as color and photometric uniformity.

Gillinder Glass can sandblast lenses for muted light distribution and/or temper them for added mechanical strength and resistance to thermal shock to compensate for rugged industry demands. Gillinder Glass engineers have an in-depth knowledge of heat dissipation techniques to obtain the most performance from your luminaire.

Gillinder Glass covers are used across many market segments. They can be:

  • off-the-shelf designs or custom manufactured designs

  • soda-lime or borosilicate clear glass compositions

  • visible-blocking infrared or Ultra-violet compositions

  • a vast array of standard or special color compositions

Gillinder Glass also has one of the largest selections of PAR lens covers in the industry including PAR 32, 36, 46, 56, and 64.

Gillinder either has the lens you need or we can develop a lens to your exact specifications.

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