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Hanging glass industrial lights

Gillinder Glass has many generations of experience providing custom engineered solutions to meet your specific scientific needs including:

  • Prototype Development

  • Glass Composition Development

  • Optical Design

  • Antique Restorations

  • Proprietary Project Development

  • Custom Colors

  • Design Optimization

Our custom molded glass can be made to any specification. Having been in the glass manufacturing business for over 150 years, Gillinder Glass is an undisputed expert in the industry. Our chemists and engineers work with customers to develop and design glass products to their exact specifications.

In the United States, Gillinder Glass produces up to 50% of all glass components used in airport runways. In addition, we’re a world leader in the borosilicate and soda-lime glass manufacturing industry. The high quality of our products and the excellence of our customer service have given us the reputation of being one of the absolute best glass manufacturing companies in the nation.

If you don’t see exactly what you need in our product catalog, we’re happy to work with you in designing a perfect fit. The applications of what we do are endless, so no matter what type of company you run, there’s no doubt we can supply you with a preformed or custom molded glass order that is just what you’re looking for. Contact us today at (845) 856-5375 to place an order or to request further information on what we can do for your company!

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