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Gillinder Glass recognizes that after glass is molded and annealed, there is often a requirement for additional operations to perfect the customers’ products. Some glass manufacturers outsource these functions. However, Gillinder Glass has chosen to create its own, fully equipped, in-house, Finishing Department which allows us to carefully control quality at all stages of production and reduces transportation costs.

Our customers benefit from better quality and lower prices. Some of the feature equipment and functions of the department include:

  • DCM Rotary Table and Lapmaster Grinders to smooth and flatten

  • Sand Blasters to create diffusion, masking or slip resistance

  • Horizontal, Circular, and Robotic Cutting Saws to create halves and other unique products

  • Up Shock and Down Shock Equipment to test resistance to thermal shock

  • Finishing Ovens to fine tune color, harden coatings, remove temper or re-anneal products

  • Glass Painting Booth to mask areas, soften light hotpots (particularly from LEDs), or mask areas

Green glass globe being cut
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