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The History of Gillinder Glass- Two Centuries in the Making

The year 2023 marks two centuries since the birth of Gillinder Glass’ founder, William Thynne Gillinder. The new year also marks Gillinder’s hundredth year of being incorporated under the name Gillinder Brothers Inc.. In honor of these anniversaries, Gillinder has dug through its physical and digital archives to present the story of Gillinder's first one hundred years. Gillinder History: The First Century is a look of William Gillinder’s journey and the early days of Gillinder Glass.

Early black and white photo of glass blowing in Gillinder factory.

The story explains, Gillinder Glass’ inception was in 1861 when “William Gillinder would purchase the Samuel’s Bottle Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and create Philadelphia Flint Glass Works, which would begin the over 160-year history of Gillinder Glass.”

Collectors and historians have found many trade names for Gillinder, which have included: William T. Gillinder Glass Factory, Franklin Flint Glass Works, Gillinder & Bennett, Gillinder & Sons, and Gillinder Brothers. Gillinder Brothers was established in 1912 and incorporated in 1923 and has primarily operated out of Port Jervis, New York ever since. Dozens of recently digitized photos can be found on the Photo Gallery Page.

View full story HERE.

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