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Gillinder Glass prides itself in engineering molded technical glass for tomorrow’s technology. With a 160-year history of custom glass manufacturing and industry-leading technical knowledge, Gillinder Glass is uniquely qualified to help you design your products with the future in mind.


  • Elevated Runway (HIRL)

  • PAPI Filters and Lenses

  • Inset Prisms and Filters

  • Taxiway Lighting (MIRL)

  • Helipad Lighting

  • Runway Guard Lighting

  • General Aviation

  • Incandescent and LED Compatible Filters and Lenses

Airfield Lighting
  • Exterior Aircraft Lighting

  • Crew Station Lighting

  • Cargo Bay Lighting

  • Wing Tip Lighting

  • Anti-Collision Lighting

  • Landing Lights

  • Military Vehicular Lighting

  • Shipboard Lighting

Aerospace & Defense
  • Stage

  • Studio

  • Flood Lighting

  • UV Lighting

  • PAR Lenses

  • Fresnel

  • Spread Lenses

Theatrical Lighting
  • Vapor Tight Applications

  • Hazardous Locations

  • Industrial Sight Gauges

  • Refinery Lighting

  • Power Station Lighting

  • Utility Meter Covering

  • Bridge & Tunnel Lighting

  • Security Lighting

  • Signal Lighting

  • Manufacturing / Warehouse Lighting

  • Railway Transportation

Industrial Lighting
Landscape & Marine
  • Fountain

  • Pool/Spa

  • Parks

  • Walkway

  • Bollard Lighting

  • Spot & Flood Lighting

  • In Ground Lighting

  • Parking Area

  • Boats

  • Water Fronts

  • Wharfs

  • Dock/Marinas

  • Recessed Lighting

  • Down & Track Lighting

  • Decorative Trims

  • Residential Lighting

  • Retail Store Lighting

  • Incandescent Diffusion Optics

  • LED Smoothing Optics

  • Parking Structures

  • Street Lighting

Commercial & Architectural
  • Secure Blue-Green

  • NVIS Green A

  • NVIS Green A (Intruder)

  • NVIS Green B

  • NVIS Yellow B

  • NVIS Friendly compositions

  • Covert (IR Transmitting) glass

NVIS Compatible Glass
  • Prototype Development

  • Glass Composition Development

  • Optical Design

  • Antique Restorations

  • Proprietary Project Development

  • Custom Colors

  • Design Optimization

Custom Engineered Solutions


Established in 1861, Gillinder Glass (Gillinder Brothers, Inc.) is a custom technical molded and filter glass manufacturer located in Port Jervis, New York. The company specializes in pressed and custom molded, clear and colored glass products “Made in the USA” from both open (Gillinder-owned) and private (customer-owned) molds.

Gillinder Glass is a world leader in the manufacture of pressed and molded and optical filter glass “Engineered for Tomorrow’s Technology". Current products include PAR lenses, convex covers, Fresnel lenses, vapor tight and explosion-resistant globes, domes, cylinders, industrial globes, sight lenses, NVIS-compatible filters and contoured covers. Custom shapes can also be engineered and produced.

In addition to producing as much as 50% of the glass components for airfield runway lights for the US market, Gillinder provides products for lighting and other applications for many industry segments (both domestic and international) including airfield, aerospace and defense, architectural, commercial, industrial, landscape, theatrical, and transportation (marine, rail, subway, etc.).

The Company’s chemists and engineers work with customers to assist in the design and development of custom glass products for all industry segments. Using multiple day tanks and pots, as opposed to continuous flow manufacturing techniques, the Company is able to produce multiple product shapes of different colors each day to meet each customer’s specific delivery requirements. But, perhaps even more importantly, it allows us to serve a customer’s needs through their products life cycle from limited introductory quantities, to full maturity production runs, and then heritage volumes.

Gillinder Glass is proud of its rich heritage as a US glass manufacturer and its long standing (in some cases decades old) relationships with its customers. We look forward to continuing and building upon our reputation as a world leading manufacturer of technical molded glass products. If you are already a customer, thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you again. If you are not yet a customer, please contact us today at (845) 856-5375 so we may begin to provide the solution to your glass needs.


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