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Gillinder Glass “Shines a Light” on Nanostructured Optic Technology

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Gillinder Glass has expanded their product offering to include IQ Linear, a family of flat optical elements with very fine microrelief surface structures offering high-definition light distribution achieved by a single flat optic. Gillinder Glass is collaborating with IQS Nanoptiqs to represent and introduce this state-of-the-art technology to the North American market.

The IQ Linear product line presents unique solutions with the production of transmissive and reflective optics. The collection offers flat diffractive optical elements with very fine nanostructures designed for optimum functionality. Light distribution parameters include Down-light, Single & Double-asymmetric with narrow and broad peaks, and Batwing. The thin & attractive design delivers optical precision and performance with ease of assembly.

IQ Linear can be utilized in a vast array of applications including office & industrial, retail, architectural & general lighting, with potential in entertainment, aircraft & automotive. Compatible with a wide range of LED’s, the lightweight properties of its PMMA substrate offer material and energy cost savings. These innovative optics provide luminaire manufactures with new design techniques, including miniaturization and precise light management.

Available in a broad range of light distribution options and material dimensions. Sizes can be easily modified to best match fixture performance requirements with minimum impact on optical function. Gillinder Glass will work with your team to design custom configurations to meet your product needs. We welcome you to contact our team today at to discuss how this technology can provide lighting improvement for your specific application or project.


Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist:

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