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Seeing Clearly with Sight Glass

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Gillinder Glass is refocusing on their product line of sight glass for Industrial applications. Gillinder Glass offers a high-end line of sight glass to its customers offering both standard and specialized sizes. This sight glass is pressed, finished by machine, and tempered to increase the glass’ strength and durability.

Sight glass two sizes

Sight glass, or gauge glass, is designed for use in applications requiring heat resistant glass, such as laboratory, medical, pharmaceuticals, and the oil and gas industry. Such applications require glass that can be heated to a higher temperature than soda-lime glass is capable of withstanding, therefore, a borosilicate composition is utilized.

When sight glass is designed for continuous use, it must be able to withstand temperatures up to 280° C.

Based on the application, sight glass must be visually pure and devoid of imperfections. Sight glass can be fitted to a gauge and used to provide visual readings of the level of liquid in a tank, pressure vessel, boiler, or other gauge indicators.

Borosilicate glass provides better visual clarity, as greater than 90% is required, and it is highly resistant to thermal shock, as well as being acid, alkaline, and hydraulic resistant. The coefficient of thermal expansion cannot exceed 5,0 ∙ 10-6 ∙ K-1 (see chart for additional specifications).

Gillinder Glass’ sight glass has a standard width of 34mm and height of 17mm. Standard lengths include: 140mm, 165mm, 190mm, 220mm, 250mm, 280mm, 300mm, 320mm, 340mm, 370mm, 400mm, and 420mm.

Sight glass is prominently found in industrial applications with extreme temperature or chemical conditions. Gillinder Glass serves the industrial lighting markets, inclusive of harsh and hazardous which makes this an ideal accompaniment to Gillinder Glass’ product portfolio.

Gillinder Glass is excited to offer this essential product category to it expanding customer base.

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