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  • Finishing | Gillinder Glass

    FINISHING Gillinder Glass recognizes that after glass is molded and annealed, there is often a requirement for additional operations to perfect the customers’ products. Some glass manufacturers outsource these functions. However, Gillinder Glass has chosen to create its own, fully equipped, in-house, Finishing Department which allows us to carefully control quality at all stages of production and reduces transportation costs. Simply said, our customers benefit from better quality and lower prices. Some of the feature equipment and functions of the department include: ​ DCM Rotary Table and Lapmaster Grinders to smooth and flatten Sand Blasters to create diffusion, masking or slip resistance Horizontal, Circular, and Robotic Cutting Saws to create halves and other unique products Up Shock and Down Shock Equipment to test resistance to thermal shock Finishing Ovens to fine tune color, harden coatings, remove temper or re-anneal products Glass Painting Booth to mask areas, soften light hotpots (particularly from LEDs), or mask areas

  • Tempering | Gillinder Glass

    TEMPERING If tempering is required, it is the last step in the process. The tempering of symmetric or complex shapes requires extensive glass knowledge, the proper equipment, and process conducive to repeatability. Gillinder Glass employs all three with its well-seasoned team of engineers, traceable process control, and two efficient and computer controlled tempering lehrs. The balance of the process is proprietary, however once the heat strengthened piece of glass completes the strengthening tempering process, samples are examined using a polariscope and depending on application may undergo thermal shock or impact testing as well.

  • History | Gillinder Glass

    OUR HISTORY From our beginning in 1861, when the firm produced "Plain, Moulded & Cut Flint Glass Ware in all its Varieties," to today's products “Engineered for Tomorrow’s Technology,” Gillinder Glass has produced custom glassware known for its quality, durability, color, and clarity. When the Company began manufacturing glass chimneys and chemical glassware, we could not have known what the advent of electric lighting would do for our business. Today, our products are incorporated into the best lighting products in the world. Throughout it all, one thing has remained constant; Gillinder's committed to making the Company the leader in the development and production of specialty glass and custom molded components designed to enhance and protect the technology of our customers. During the American Centennial year of 1876, the Gillinder built an exhibition glass factory on Philadelphia's Centennial fairgrounds. Visitors could see huge glass melting pots as well as the actual production of glass Centennial souvenirs. The factory was a tremendous success and one of the exhibition's most popular attractions. Today, examples of Gillinder glass can be found in numerous collections, private and public, including those at the Museum of American Glass, the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The firm also recreated historic lighting glassware for the Library of Congress. In 1912, Gillinder Glass moved to Port Jervis, New York, and continued to evolve as one of the premier manufacturers of specially developed glass products for the developing electric light industry. Gillinder is now in its third century of providing high quality glass products with friendly service, growing from a single-focus local business to a world leader of pressed glass in multiple markets. This winning policy is evident today as Gillinder Glass continues manufacturing to the highest industry standards. Components for lighting and other applications are provided to many domestic and international market segments including airfields, aerospace and defense, architectural, commercial, industrial, landscape, theatrical, and transportation. Each product is backed with over 150 years of quality and know-how. Gillinder Glass has been in the same building in Port Jervis since 1921. Upon entering the historic facade is a modern company whose roots are deep but whose sights are set on a bright future. While 21st century technology, (from state-of-the-art mixing and tempering facilities, to computer-aided presses, to our on-site mold making facility) defines our facility's infrastructure, it is our experienced staff that is the root of the high quality glass products and engineered solutions we offer today. We welcome the opportunity to serve you today and in the years to come. Gillinder Stories Recently a local historian reached out to us after coming across an old Gillinder desk lamp that belonged to her father. Lauren said her father had a habit of choosing “significant” items to store away. Gillinder started to manufacture these blown cased shades as well as other cased shades in the mid to late 70s. Cased glass is composed of two layers of different colored glass, with the inside generally a dense opal. The dense opal was gathered first, then the core ball was blown, then it was covered with the second color, a green or amber hue. Gillinder continued to make these into the mid 80s. This photo was sent to us from Ken when he came across his great grandfather, George Schauer’s, employee badge and this commemorative Gillinder box. George’s badge was issued in the 1930's and the bicentennial commemorative box was issued in 1976. ​ The factory updated the box's design in the 1990’s (removing the dates from the sides) and sold them in the Gillinder store for many years. ​ Gillinder has some of the 1990's boxed for sale on our Etsy site for purchase, which can be viewed: HERE .

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  • Seeing Clearly with Sight Glass

    Gillinder Glass is refocusing on their product line of sight glass for Industrial applications. Gillinder Glass offers a high-end line of sight glass to its customers offering both standard and specialized sizes. This sight glass is pressed, finished by machine, and tempered to increase the glass’ strength and durability. Sight glass, or gauge glass, is designed for use in applications requiring heat resistant glass, such as laboratory, medical, pharmaceuticals, and the oil and gas industry. Such applications require glass that can be heated to a higher temperature than soda-lime glass is capable of withstanding, therefore, a borosilicate composition is utilized. When sight glass is designed for continuous use, it must be able to withstand temperatures up to 280° C. Based on the application, sight glass must be visually pure and devoid of imperfections. Sight glass can be fitted to a gauge and used to provide visual readings of the level of liquid in a tank, pressure vessel, boiler, or other gauge indicators. Borosilicate glass provides better visual clarity, as greater than 90% is required, and it is highly resistant to thermal shock, as well as being acid, alkaline, and hydraulic resistant. The coefficient of thermal expansion cannot exceed 5,0 ∙ 10-6 ∙ K-1 (see chart for additional specifications). Gillinder Glass’ sight glass has a standard width of 34mm and height of 17mm. Standard lengths include: 140mm, 165mm, 190mm, 220mm, 250mm, 280mm, 300mm, 320mm, 340mm, 370mm, 400mm, and 420mm. Sight glass is prominently found in industrial applications with extreme temperature or chemical conditions. Gillinder Glass serves the industrial lighting markets, inclusive of harsh and hazardous which makes this an ideal accompaniment to Gillinder Glass’ product portfolio. Gillinder Glass is excited to offer this essential product category to it expanding customer base. To find out more about options or acquire samples contact: Christina Jansure at (724) 541- 0239 or --- Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist: For other inquiries, please call us at 845-856-5375 or email at

  • Gillinder Glass & IQ Linear- Top “Must See” Products at Lightfair

    The architectural magazine designing lighting, included GillinderGlass’ NEW product category; IQ Linear as one of its Top 10 Must See Products being exhibited at this year’s Lightfair in NYC. Designing lighting, the EdisonReport affiliate, focuses on the business of lighting design. The bi-monthly online magazine is filled with original content, interviews, and innovative lighting designs. The latest edition features the articles on street lighting, the dawn of invisible light, and UV disinfection technologies, along with the latest news and trends happening at Lightfair. The EdisonReport’s Top 10 Must See Products at Lightfair features the IQ Linear line of lighting optics. Gillider’s IQ Linear is a family of flat optical elements with very fine microrelief surface structures that offer high definition lighting distribution with a flat piece of optic. Designed for use in linear LED fixtures, the finely calculated nano-structures are designed for optimum functionality and are replicated by direct embossing into the PMMA substrate. Readily available in a broad range of light distributions and material dimensions. Specific custom configurations are also available upon request. Gillinder looks forward to providing demonstrations of this great product during Lightfair October 27th- 29th at booth #2214. To read the October edition of designing lighting: CLICK HERE. --- Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist: For other inquiries, please call us at 845-856-5375 or email at

  • Gillinder Glass Debuts at Lightfair

    Gillinder Glass - First Time Exhibitor at Lightfair 2021 Port Jervis, NY, August 11, 2021 - Taking place at the Javits Center in the heart of New York City, LightFair is the must-attend architectural and commercial lighting event of the year. Starting October 27th, attendees can expect enhanced programming and improved amenities, along with a re-imagined layout and strict adherence to the latest health and safety guidelines. As a new Lightfair exhibitor, Gillinder Glass will be showcasing its innovative and custom-engineered pressed, molded, flat, and optical glass solutions. Available glasses include: clear or colored, heat resisting borosilicate, soda-lime crystal, infrared, UV transmitting, and other specialty compositions. Gillinder serves multiple industries including industrial and commercial markets, architectural and restoration projects, harsh and hazardous as well as aerospace, marine, and landscape applications. Gillinder’s testing and engineering departments are state-of-the-art with continuous glass composition development, advanced tempering and annealing capabilities, as well as optical design and simulation capabilities. As an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company, Gillinder’s manufacturing processes are maintained at the highest quality levels. Gillinder Glass will also be introducing some of their European partners, including its newest collaborations with Nanoptiqs; with a special presentation of new technologies. Gillinder has expanded their product line to include IQ Linear, a family of flat optical elements from Nanoptiqs. These microrelief surface structures offer high-definition light distribution achieved by a single flat optic. Available in a broad range of light distribution options, sizes can be easily modified to best match fixture performance requirements with minimum impact on optical function. Gillinder’s partnerships provide unique specialty lighting and glass designs for its customers through innovative manufacturing processes. Be sure to visit Gillinder in the New Exhibitor Pavilion at booth #2214. This dedicated show space offers curated tours and attendee giveaways with an emphasis on new product introductions. To attend for free register HERE. Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist; For other inquiries, please call us at 845-856-5375 or email at

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