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  • Careers | Gillinder Glass

    Acerca de CAREERS Established in 1861, Gillinder Glass is a custom technical molded and filter glass manufacturer located in Port Jervis, New York. The company specializes in pressed and custom molded, clear and colored glass products “Made in the USA”. A career at Gillinder Glass is an opportunity to join a team of passionate professionals focused on the growth and advancement of a leading company in specialized industries. The Gillinder team takes pride in its rich manufacturing tradition and continuing a reputation of providing quality products and exceeding customer expectations. Benefits offered by Gillinder include: On the job training Opportunities for advancement Full time work (40+hours per week) Competitive pay with regular increases Health, dental, vision, life, etc. Paid holidays Paid vacation 401k with Company contribution Interested candidates can contact HR Manager Jean Doe at: 845-856-5375 ext. 1025 or Gillinder Glass is a drug free workplace. All applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening before being permitted to work. Available positions include: QUALITY TECHNICIAN- Full-time Quality Technician The Quality Technician is a hands-on role responsible for ensuring quality of glass products from initial forming, through all finishing, packaging, and shipping operations. This role directly interacts with all areas of the organization to correct any quality issues and ensure a consistent output of quality glass products for our customers. The Quality Technician also interfaces with our customers when resolving quality concerns. Responsibilities: Assisting to create, maintain, and update Process Control Documents which include tiered quality levels based on customer specifications Create, maintain, and train production personnel on in-process product inspection procedures Manage customer complaints and the return process including investigations, claims, as well as internal and external communications Prepare for and participate in on site regulatory, certification, and customer audits Maintain various quality certifications required by customers and government agencies Maintain full quality control procedure manual and logs for internal use and customer audits, when appropriate ​ Experience: Employment in a manufacturing facility Five or more years in a quality control role Experience with ISO-9001, Six Sigma, or other Quality Control System Experience with customer buyers, quality staff, and engineering departments Education: Material Engineering Degree or other science discipline is a plus APPLY NOW MOLD MAKER/ CNC OPERATOR- Full-time Mold Maker The Mold Maker is responsible for making, repairing, and maintaining the molds used in the manufacture of custom pressed glass products. This role directly interacts with all areas of glass production. Responsibilities include: Safe operation of shop equipment including CNC machine, conventional mills, grinders, and metal lathes Use of quality control equipment such as calipers, micrometers, and height/depth gauges Programing and maintaining shop equipment Metal working, bench working, and repairs Stick welding and spray welding Reading and understanding technical drawings Learning new technologies as new equipment is acquired Maintaining a clean, orderly, and safe workspace Experience: Employment working in a manufacturing facility Three or more years of machine shop experience Experience with “Solid Works” software is a plus Education: High School diploma or GED Machine/Tooling Technology course work, certificate, or diploma is a plus APPLY NOW Finishing Operator FINISHING OPERATOR- Full-time Second Shift: $15.46 per hour + differential The finishing operator is responsible for performing various tasks necessary in the completion and inspection of molded glass products. Daily tasks may include, proper set-up, operation, clean-up, and performing preventative maintenance on various equipment, tools, and machines that are used in the finishing department. The finishing operator must be able to follow detailed work instructions including maintaining precise measurements and tolerance limits. The ideal candidate must have an eye for detail and ability to work independently in a busy manufacturing environment. Demonstration of workplace safety, while meeting production targets is required. As production needs change frequently, flexibility in work assignments is necessary. Equipment, tools and machines used in the finishing department may include but are not limited to sawing, cutting, sandblasting, grinding, painting, scoring and chipping. The finishing operator must be able to frequently or continuously stand, bend, reach, lift, and carry operational materials. APPLY NOW Carry in & Turn Out LABORER-CARRY IN & TURN OUT- Full-time $13.61—$14.84 per hour The laborer-carry in and turn out is responsible for performing various tasks necessary in the production of molded glass products. Daily tasks may include transporting hot glass from production area to annealing oven, set up/breakdown of equipment, removing glass from mold, and inspecting glass. The ideal candidate must have an eye for detail and be able to work independently in a busy manufacturing environment. Special attention to timing and temperature is required. As production needs change frequently, flexibility in work assignments is necessary. Equipment and tools used on the job may include but are not limited to glass carrying paddle, annealing ovens, heavy metal molds, and tongs. These positions must be able to frequently or continuously stand, bend, reach, lift, carry operational materials, and move heavy equipment. APPLY NOW Furnace Helper FURNACE HELPER- Full-time First Shift- $13.85 per hour Second Shift- $13.85 per hour + differential The furnace helper is responsible for performing various tasks necessary in maintaining glass melting furnaces and related equipment to make our custom specialty molded glass products. Daily tasks may include the handling of raw material, monitoring furnaces, and the set-up of manufacturing equipment. Furnace operators must be able to follow detailed instructions. The ideal candidate must have an eye for detail and be able to work independently in a busy manufacturing environment. Special attention to timing and temperature is required. As production needs change frequently, flexibility in work assignments is necessary. Equipment, tools, and machines monitored/used in the furnace department may include, but are not limited to glass melting furnaces, annealing ovens, temperature gauges, and forklifts. APPLY NOW

  • Architectural & Commercial | Gillinder Glass

    COMMERCIAL & ARCHITECTURAL Gillinder Glass provides solutions for specified projects requiring distinctive custom illumination. Gillinder Glass has the capability to engineer and help design your molded glass components, fabricate the molds and tooling in house, and manufacture to quality standards above those generally expected by the architectural community. Gillinder Glass has been the material of choice for decades as discerning designers strive for the optimum solution to showcase architectural projects with the best illumination available. Regardless of the light source, (incandescent, fluorescent, HID or LED) glass is unsurpassed in beauty, durability, and functionality. Typical applications include: Entryways Incandescent Diffusion Optics Street Lighting Stairways Decorative Colored Components Parking Structures Hallways Decorative Exterior Components Decorative External Lighting Gillinder Glass shapes and styles most frequently included in architectural plans include: PAR Lenses Plano Convex Lenses Decorative Trims Fresnels Concave Lenses Flat Covers Prismatic Pattern Lenses Refractors for Wallpacks BACK TO APPLICATIONS

  • Aerospace & Defense | Gillinder Glass

    AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Gillinder Glass provides a major engineering resource to commercial, military, and private aircraft manufacturers, distributors and lighting fixture OEMs in North America and Europe. In addition to more standard products, the Gillinder Glass engineering team has developed a proprietary Thin–Wall Lens. Developed principally for military projects for improved flight performance, the process is now being marketed to the entire aerospace industry where weight reduction can be a key ingredient to success. Gillinder Glass’ specially formulated soda lime and borosilicate compositions with increased working times combined with advanced pressing technology and skilled craftsman can achieve 20% to 50% thinner wall thickness (as thin as 1 mm) while maintaining mechanical and thermal integrity. Until this technological breakthrough, pressed glass shapes this thin could not be made. Glass this thin could only be reached on flat filters through grinding and polishing or through phosphate-based molded parts not suitable to exterior environments. While we have seen our thin-walled pressed shapes satisfy many cockpit applications, we believe offering both thin-walled borosilicate and soda-lime compositions acceptable for use in exterior applications will now permit our customers to meet their weight reduction goals. Gillinder Glass supplies a broad spectrum of products and extensive capabilities for the general and commercial aircraft of today and tomorrow as well as special products for the United States military and defense industry. BACK TO APPLICATIONS AEROSPACE & DEFENSE STOCK CATALOG

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Blog Posts (15)

  • The History of Gillinder Glass- Two Centuries in the Making

    The year 2023 marks two centuries since the birth of Gillinder Glass’ founder, William Thynne Gillinder. The new year also marks Gillinder’s hundredth year of being incorporated under the name Gillinder Brothers Inc.. In honor of these anniversaries, Gillinder has dug through its physical and digital archives to present the story of Gillinder's first one hundred years. Gillinder History: The First Century is a look of William Gillinder’s journey and the early days of Gillinder Glass. The story explains, Gillinder Glass’ inception was in 1861 when “William Gillinder would purchase the Samuel’s Bottle Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and create Philadelphia Flint Glass Works, which would begin the over 160-year history of Gillinder Glass.” Collectors and historians have found many trade names for Gillinder, which have included: William T. Gillinder Glass Factory, Franklin Flint Glass Works, Gillinder & Bennett, Gillinder & Sons, and Gillinder Brothers. Gillinder Brothers was established in 1912 and incorporated in 1923 and has primarily operated out of Port Jervis, New York ever since. Dozens of recently digitized photos can be found on the Photo Gallery Page. View full story HERE. Please submit questions, comments, or additional historical information via email to: Jackie Conklin at: Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist: For other inquiries, please call us at 845-856-5375 or email

  • Vapor Proof Globes

    Gillinder Glass produces a broad variety of glass products manufactured to the most rigid specifications to meet the tough demands of industrial work environment and harsh and hazardous conditions. Depending on the use, hazardous conditions may require glass to be abrasion resistant, thermal shock resistant, liquid resistant, impact resistant, vapor or dust resistant, or explosion resistance to avoid shattering from an internal explosion, particularly important in environments with combustible fumes. Vapor proof glass resists the influx of vapors and gas particles and is generally also liquid resistant. Gillinder Glass is a key supplier in the harsh and hazardous industries with products intended for environments needing vapor tight globes and fixtures with a corrosion and vapor proof aluminum cage. There are several types of vapor proof and waterproof ratings, including IP65, IP66, and IP67, which measure a products water resistance. An IP rating is composed of two numbers. The first number describing the products intrusion protection, or how much it withstands particles entering, which is based on a 0-6 scale. The second number measures the resistance to liquid on a 0-9 scale. These vapor proof globes also offer intrusion protection which is calculated using a system to rate safeguard against dust, particles, or solid objects of certain sizes. These are to ensure any ingress will not damage or impede the performance of internal components with full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. Gillinder Glass’ clear or colored tempered vapor proof glass is often used for ceiling, pendant, or wall mounted fixtures. A tempered soda-lime glass is generally used and can be produced with multiple finishes in a variety of colors. These “jelly jar” globes are also offered on and include the following open stock options: Gillinder can also manufacture custom sizes, colors, and finishes, such as white enamel (inside), sandblasting, plastic coating, smooth, and inside ribs. Common colors include: amber, aviation blue, opolo, red C, rs green, and traffic green. The chromaticity specifications, measured with CIE A, are as follows: Gillinder’s in-house engineering team precisely test vapor proof glass to confirm chromaticity requirements as well as performing impact and thermal shock resistance tests when needed. As these globes are often used for harsh outdoor locations waterproof requirements also may apply. --- Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist: For other inquiries, please call us at 845-856-5375 or email References: “The Comprehensive Guide to IP Ratings.” The Comprehensive Guide To IP Ratings | RS Components,

  • See You at LightFair 2022

    Join Gillinder Glass at the 2022 LightFair Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is being held at the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the largest event facilities in the world. The recently renovated Las Vegas Convention Center now features an underground transportation system, the LVCC Loop, making traveling around the vast convention center more efficient. The Las Vegas Monorail travels the Vegas strip in about fifteen minutes. You can purchase tickets here. Annually held, LightFair is the largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. Discover the latest lighting design products and solutions for future projects. With 46 sessions, the 2022 LightFair Conference will feature five learning tracks, offering a total of 132 CEU credits. Art and Inspiration- explores sources of inspiration that inform design and technology development Design Guidance and Tools- covers the latest energy and building code changes, new design metrics, design and measurement tools, controls and more Evidence-Based Design- focuses on end-user data and techniques used to achieve specific design goal Experiencing Light- explores the influence of light on the human experience and natural ecosystems Technology- explores the newest design tools and software, lighting controls, IoT lighting, 3D print technology and more Gillinder will demonstrate a variety of glass products from industries it supplies to including industrial, architecture, landscape, marine, and custom products. Industrial products that will be on display include sight glass, vapor proof glass, and globes, Architecture products will include Fresnel lenses and refractors for wallpacks. Commercial and residential landscape products including globes, domes, and covers used for pool, spa, walkway, and spot/flood lighting will also be on display. Gillinder Glass will also be presenting new manufacturing capabilities including the addition of a new CNC milling machine to their mold shop. To assist in production efficiencies and meeting customer demand and expectations, Gillinder is advancing its technology with implementing automated equipment in current production processes. Gillinder welcomes its partners Stumpe Glas and IQS NANOPTIQS to LightFair this year with expansion into new product categories. You can visit Gillinder Glass at booth 1616 and find out about the nearly 300 exhibitors here. CONFERENCE DATES: Sunday Jun 19- Thursday Jun 23 TRADE SHOW DATES: Tuesday Jun 21- Thursday Jun 23 --- Press Contact: Jackie Conklin- Marketing Specialist: For other inquiries, please call us at 845-856-5375 or email at

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